Follow the instructions below to connect a domain you already own.

Important: this option is available for Pro-sites only.

1. Login to your  Your Web Design Studio Builder account.

2. Hover over a Pro site and click on Settings

3. Navigate to the Domains tab and click on + Connect existing domain:

4. In the pop-up window enter the domain name and click Continue:


5. Follow the instructions you receive:

Here are the nameservers that you need to copy:

6. Domain records will propagate within 24-48 hours and the site will be fully accessible with the custom domain name.

Connecting a domain with the help of an A record

In some cases it's recommended to connect a domain with the help of DNS records - for instance, if you want to manage the domain at your current host, if you are connecting a subdomain or if the domain registrar doesn't allow to change the NS records.

For that follow the instructions above, but switch the tab on step #5 to Via DNS records:


Follow the instructions in the new pop-up window and click done:


Here's the A record that you need to copy:

Save the changes and allow up to 24-48 hours for the domain records to propagate worldwide.

If any help's needed, check out the article below: