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The new Tattoo Studio template is a modern, image rich template that’s ideal for clients who have great images of their work that they want site visitors to see, right off the bat.

There are eye-catching images on every page, perfect for displaying works by stylists, make-up artists, designers, or artists of any type.


The template features a Photo Gallery widget on the Homepage and includes an additional Gallery page, for showing even more images. Images in both galleries have a reverse grayscale effect on hover, perfect for drawing attention to the images and encouraging users to click. You can replace this effect with one of 8 hover effects and/or more than 25 possible animations, all available in the widget's Design Editor.

The template’s About Us page features the new Accordion widget, ideal for displaying commonly asked questions and answers.

The Pricing page features a Restaurant Menu widget to display services and prices. You can import services from an online menu (if your client already has one) and update with images for each entry, if you like.