WEBDESIGNAPP WEBDESIGNAPP / GENERAL Last updated on Updated  Sep 02, 2019

The only thing better than adding a gorgeous pre-designed Section to your website is adding several of them, one after another.

We’ve expanded the Add Section capability so that you can now add multiple Sections to any page on your website from directly inside the Sections mode.   

Just click “Save & Add Another”, and add as many fabulous Sections as you like to any site page.  

This new functionality makes it easy to build full pages for your website using professionally designed Sections. And, since every Section takes on the Global styles of the website to which it’s been added, these Sections will automatically share common styles and colors.

Of course, each and every Section is fully customizable after it is added to your site.   

To check out this new functionality, just go to the editor, choose a site, and click the “+” between rows on the site.